Targeted Email Marketing

Our subscriber database allows you to target consumers or businesses that match your ideal client type, and deliver email marketing to them. Targeted Email Marketing is very different from email marketing done to an in-house email list. Targeted Email Marketing allows you to specifically reach new consumers via digital direct email marketing.

Every business has a specific client type that is a fit for the products or services they offer. BrandMailers works with our clients to define that target customer profile, then utilizes the wealth of information in our database to find customers that match the profile and delivers your marketing information to them.

Campaign Targeting Methods

  • GeoTargeting – based on physical location such as State, County, City, ZIP code or distance from a specific location
  • Lifestyle – based on indicated hobbies, activities, purchasing data, online activities, and more
  • Demographic – based on gender, income, home value, ethnicity, education, marital status and more
  • Business Information – based on revenue, SIC code, employee size, number of locations, etc.

BrandMailers can help you:

  • Create a new revenue stream within your company
  • Reach a new database of customers for your clients
  • Create highly targeted mailings
  • Increase your overall response rates
  • Grow your client’s internal database
  • Build a local or national campaign

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Promote new services like contact-less pickup and delivery


Promote limited time offers and drive attention to new services more quickly than by mail.


Drivers with specific make, model or year of vehicle


Reach drivers of specific vehicle make, model, or year so you know when they are ready to buy.


Men or women of a target age, within a radius of your business


Promote specific programs to people with more specific interests.


Promote new products, styles, services and gain new customers.


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