Marketing to Consumers

BrandMailers’ national database of over 30 million opted in business listings is a valuable tool for businesses who focus on commercial services. We target your ideal client by combining geographic, demographic and business detailed information to create a highly targeted mailing.

Whether you are trying to reach C-Level Executives in Seattle or Analysts in Alabama, our rich database contains enough information to provide a well targeted list. Each record in our database is complete with a full name, title, company name, number of employees, SIC code, full postal mailing address and other information. This allows us to target specific business, within a specific service area, and deliver your marketing materials to them.

Additionally, we guarantee 100% delivery of all ordered emails, which ensures that your mailing will not be left sitting in a corporate SPAM filter never reaching the intended recipient.

BrandMailers can help you:

  • Lower your cost to communicate with potential clients
  • Increase your response rates and ROI
  • Engage your prospects online
  • Grow your internal database
  • Conduct multi-channel campaigns

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