Lifestyle Segmentation

Brandmailers’ database contains geographic and demographic data, as well as lifestyle and behavioral information for our subscribers.

Clients who require a very specific audience for their product offering, can utilize this information to create an even more targeted offering than our Geo Targeting Services provides. Our 280 lifestyle and behavioral selects, when combined with other information in our subscriber base, create over 700 ways to cross reference our data.

Some of the common selects are:

  • Adults with Children – Specify by age.
  • Automotive- Year, Make, Model, Lease or Own, etc.
  • Charitable Contributors
  • Ethnicity / Religion
  • Home Ownership – Duration, Home Value, etc.
  • Musical Preferences – Alternative, Latin, Rock, etc.
  • Online Activities – Shopping, Products, Frequency, etc.
  • Outdoor Sports & Recreation
  • Pet Owners – Type of pet

BrandMailers can help you:

  • Lower your cost to communicate with potential clients
  • Properly identify respondents to your campaigns
  • Increase your response rates and ROI
  • Build a local or national campaign

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